Sep 10, 2009

Hey guys

I have a new blog web site that is private. I had issues with making this one private so I'm discontuing it!

If you want to join our blog just sent me an email at

Thanks everyone!

Sep 1, 2009

Going Private

I am going to make our blog private. If you would like to keep track of us after we go private just send me your e-mail address and I will add you too our list so you can keep watch of us! Just send it too .
Since the blog will now be private and I know some people don't have a blogger account this is how you can still view our blog. Once I add you it will send you an email with a link to accept the invitation. Click on the link and it will open a page that asks you to sign in to your google account or make a new account. On the right hand side of the page it will say "Don't have a Google Account?" It will give you the option to create a gmail account or "Continue as a guest"

Hope you all keep following our blog! I will make my blog private in about a week! xoxo

Aug 27, 2009

Family, family, family!

4 Generations!

The last couple of days my Grandma Carol and Uncle Ron have been in town from California! It has been the great having them here to visit! Grandma Carol and Uncle Ron got to meet Skyler for the first time. They have seen tons of pictures of him, thanks to Aunt Nicki but it was great for them to actual meet him! It had been great because my mom has had family dinner every night that they have been in town! MMM, yummy food! They left last night and it's to bad that they live so far away that we cant see them more, because they are such great company to be around! Love you guys and hope to see you soon!!
Grandma Carol, Skyler and me
Grandpa Crazy and Skyler sharing a binky
Uncle Ronnie and Skyler (see where the red hair comes from??)
Family photo- it was hard, Dogs and Skyler to all look at once.. not going to happen

Aug 24, 2009

Skyler got his tubes

This morning Skyler went in for his surgery to get the tubes put in his ears. We took him to the ear specialist on Thursday and they did say that he has fluid behind both of his ears, which is causing pressure on his ear drums so he can't hear. They also did a test to see if it was permanent damage on his hearing and there is not. They scheduled his surgery for 7:30 am on Monday but we had to be there at 6am. I was kind of worried about how early we had to wake him and then how long we had to wait until the surgery was because we could not feed him anything after midnight. When we got there Skyler was really excited for some strange reason, It was like he knew what was going on. But, he did so good threw out the whole thing. Before they started getting his vitals, weight ect, they gave him this stuff called "happy juice." It makes it to where Skyler didn't care that he was getting poked at. He was really funny on it because he would just sit and smile holding a box of crayons the nurses gave him, almost like he was very high! The surgery only lasted about 15 mins, they said the hardest part of babies come of of surgery is the anastasia. But the nurses said that Skyler was one of the best babies they have seen coming out of it. He hardly cried!
Shh.. I'm hidding

Getting ready for my tubes!

Mr. Cute Bum
Skyler on his happy juice!

On our way home we stopped and got Skyler some pan-a-cakes, He loves them and was hungry!! It's kind of cute because I think that he likes this new hearing thing because he walked around the house after we got home, making all the noises/grunts he normally makes so he could hear them. Lil Munch, we are so proud of you and can't wait for you to start talking up a storm!! xo

Aug 23, 2009

Summer BBQ's

This is my favorite part about summer is the BBQ'S, all the yummy food and company! Last weekend Pam and John invited us over for a BBQ and we got to hang out with Aj, Brittany, Jameson, Keith, Mel and their new baby Austin! It was a lot of fun! Skyler had so much fun just running all over the yard, chasing after his ball! This weekend we went to a beer tasting party/BBQ. Jerry and Mer sure know how to threw a Party!
Skyler and Daddy play ball-
This ball aint got nothing on me!
Jameson's all packed and ready to go! (it was cute because he crawled in there himself!)
I love this man! xoxo
My silly boys!
Aj, Jameson, Drew, Skyler, Keith and Austin!
Skyler and Jameson playing. ( I don't know if they know how to play together yet, but it's funny to watch them try. Skyler would steal Jameson binky, then Jameson would grab onto Skyler and try to get him to come closer. The best part was when Skyler started to push Jameson around in his walker. Jameson did not like that so much because of how fast he was going.. but it was cute for the moment it lasted!)
To bad summer is almost over!

Aug 14, 2009

Skyler wants to be a dog!

Yes, my son has some weird thing with the dog's cages. He will open them, get inside and sit! Now he has started to open and close the door while inside and taking his toys in the cage with him! I guess he thinks the dogs have fun doing it, he should enjoy it too! What a crazy lil boy!

Aug 11, 2009


We left on Thursday to go to Jamaica for our really good friends wedding! It was the best trip ever! Except for that we almost missed our connecting flight in Dallas, but our baggage for sure missed it! It got to us the next day! Oh, well what can you do?? (when you are pissed that you don't have luggage and you have a free bar...hmmm) But, it was a great trip. Drew and I got to relax by the pool, play on the beach, get massages, and even went shopping one of the days. It was a great trip but we also missed being home. Grandma Crazy took care of Skyler, and it was said when I did call and he heard my voice all he did was cry. So, I know he missed us and we missed him!! And uncle Darin took care of Allie and Gator, from what I understand they give him a run for his money!! Sorry Darin!! But thank you to everyone that helped us out so we could go on our trip!

Passing time, in our hour and half long bus ride!

Drewsie on the beach
The pool with swim up bar
The view- one word, beautiful!
A night walk on the beach
Getting ready for the wedding!
Mr. & Mrs. Haywood
The wedding party
The last night there Drew and I rented this private bungalow on the beach! It was really mantic!
All in all it was a great trip! I so want to go back! All I can say is "Why is all the rum gone!" Ü